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Biotop Label

Biotop Label

Styles: Techno, Tech-House, Electronic
Location:   Konstanz, Germany
Date Established: 2012

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biotop – healthy environment for true artists
biotop is alive.
A biotop is raw, pure, and surprising as life itself.
A biotop emerges out of nothing and develops further unregulated.
A biotop follows always the rules of nature.

Our biotop stands for music and art without borders by true individuals.
Our biotop is based on love, passion and authenticity.

Biotope (german: Biotop) is an area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for a specific assemblage of plants and animals (biocenosis).

Patrick Zigon builds with his label a biotope for friendly artists, which want to present their music and art through new innovative channels. Biotop loves the respectful handling of nature, the living beings and their environment and the technical achievements of humanity. In our view the nature of internet is composed of uncontrolled and unregulated proliferation of data – and we want to use it exactly like that.

Our digital releases are free of charge, feel free to support us – only you decide how! Get active, be creative – spread our music, be part of Biotop. In times of artificially generated reality, we want to go natural ways, to build real art.

Релизы Biotop Label
Biotop Label's releases

Biotop Radioshow #18
July 2014
House Dub Techno ... Mix  
Комментарии - 0
Purity EP
December 2013
Deep-House Dub  
Комментарии - 0
Tasten Der Unendlichkeit EP
Electronic Tech-House  
Комментарии - 2
Order Of Priority EP
July 2013
Комментарии - 1
Hobson‘s Choice EP
Tech-House Techno  
Комментарии - 1
Little Voice EP
Dub Tech-House Techno ...  
Комментарии - 0
Wassa EP
Electronic Techno  
Комментарии - 0
Zeit fr Klang EP
Electronic Tech-House  
Комментарии - 0
Drone EP
Deep-Techno Dub Tech-House ...  
Комментарии - 0
Lebewesen EP
July 2012
Deep-House Dub-Techno Compilation  
Комментарии - 0
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