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[BIOS_005] Krautfass 3000 - Little Voice EP

[BIOS_005] Krautfass 3000 - Little Voice EP

Label: Biotop Label
Catalog: BIOS_005
Released: 24.01.2013
Styles: Dub Tech-House Techno
Size: 66 MB

1. Krautfass 3000 - Little Voice (Paulo Olarte Rework) - Biotop 7.25
2. Krautfass 3000 - Little Voice (Flix Rework) - Biotop 7.21
3. Krautfass 3000 - Little Voice (Original) - Biotop 12.40

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The Biotop Label kicks of 2013 with the most experimental release so far.

„Krautfass 3000 combines different fragments of musical history and genres to create an explosive flow of psycho-sensory quodlibets that exist somewhere between chaos and order.“

Krautfass 3000 is an innovative band-project combining music & art performances. Their music develops always intuitive, there‘s never a plan what they will play, it‘s a surprise for everybody – most of all for themselves. As Studio-neighbours of Biotop Label-Head Patrick Zigon they are quite a big influence in Patrick‘s music and way of working generally. He already collaborated with a few Krautfass 3000-musicians for his album „The Alpha State“. So it‘s about time to release their debut-ep on Biotop.

„Little Voice“ was recorded live at the “Kunstnacht Konstanz 2012“ in Southern Germany, when Krautfass 3000 played their concert under the „Rhein-Bridge“, as highlight of the event. Additionally german visual-artist Roxana Purmandi made an amazing video for this 12-minutes-journey.

Biotop-resident Paulo Olarte and Flix reworked the experimental original-files into their very own deep, dubby and soulful versions.


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