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Techno-Locator Mix IV

Techno-Locator Mix IV

Рады представить четвертый выпуск серии TL Special от 3Phazegenerator, любезно предоставленный техно-лейблом Freitag Recordings из Лондона! Часовой микс в стиле Dark-Techno содержит творения музыкантов и резидентов английского лейбла, а также эксклюзивные треки. Выражаем большую благодарность кураторам проекта и лично 3Phazegenerator за создание и предоставление микса!


We are pleased to present the fourth edition of TL Special series from 3Phazegenerator, kindly provided by techno-label Freitag Recordings from London! Hour mix in Dark-Techno style contains works of artists and residents of the British label, as well as exclusive tracks. Many thanks to the curators of the project and personally 3Phazegenerator for creating and providing the mix!

Mixed by 3Phazegenerator.

Format: File, MP3, Mixed, 192 kbps
Released: 02.11.2011
Styles: Techno Mix
Total time: 59:31
Size: 82 MB

1. 3Phazegenerator - Black Lilac
2. Sync Therpaie - Firework
3. Machinecode - Miasma (Vegim remix)
4. Hefty - Ransom Tape
5. Tommy Four Seven - G (Regis remix)
6. Wave Form - Devious
7. Quantic Spectroscopy - Cement Enclosure
8. Lex Gorrie - My Gi Joe (Bodyscrub remix)
9. Alex Bau - Noise A (Alan Fitzpatrick remix)
10. Tommy Four Seven - Ratu (Perc remix)
11. Slam - The Tritone
12. Yuri Alexeev - Gliese 581c
13. Microcheep & Mollo - Fake Product
14. Mays & Patrique - Letto
15. Rafael Polinski - Atmo
16. Sandwell District - Svar (Live version)

Source's preview
3Phazegenerator started in the late 80’s as the front man for Beneficial Gene. An underground grunge space band from north London. After playing at the early raves of acid house and seeing the influence of sound systems like Spiral Tribe on the music scene he developed a keen interest in dance music.

Early live sets used an Amiga500, DX27 and some reverbs and 12 bit samples.

Looking more at the darker tribal elements of techno as it unfolded he became heavily involved with the London squat scene and its huge variety of parties and influences.

Drawn to decks he developed a keener intelligence with techno production and an insight into the workings of the dance floor.

Early vinyl releases blended dark electro with more pounding techno elements. This was cemented with the Moonlanding release written with co producer Maxx Polymeric.

With the development of laptop technology, VSTi's and file sharing he had the idea to travel the world living in different places to absorb the cultures whilst still producing and running his first label Generator UK.

Working in this way took him to Bangkok for 2 years. It was here in collaboration with Maxx (who was in Italy) that the seminal ‘No need for needle’ was written.

Showcased by Hawtin for over 3 months this attracted a lot of attention and saw releases from collaborations intensify to span over 15 labels.

From Bangkok he moved onto Berlin where his style darkened with the explosion of dark techno and the pulsing underground scene of Berlin.

It was here that Multikore was started showing a maturity of style and a coursing individual sound of dark scapes and organic stab structures creating his most solid releases yet.

With remixes coming from Logo Tech, Audio Injection and Electrorites and the Multikore Sessions radio showcase that will feature on both Fnoob and Techno FM his music has never been more accessible.

Mixed By 3Phazegenerator, Mastering by


Ford GTS
24.11.2012 17:26
Интересный микс
28.04.2012 23:23
Шикарнейшая подборка.
28.12.2011 10:27
жесткое техно, микс афигенный молорики!!!!
14.11.2011 08:50

GASTON Arevalo неожиданно зацепил

13.11.2011 16:00

Этот микс, по-моему мнениию, самый лучший из всех 4ёх, потому что представлен техно-лейблом Freitag Recordings.

Freitag Recordings - просто обожаю, и всегда с нетерплением жду новых релизов

13.11.2011 13:49

За последнее время Zoiberg-ZetadueoriginalMix.mp3 вот эта вещица зацепила прям нехило

10.11.2011 13:09


05.11.2011 09:40

Микс понравился!

02.11.2011 19:05


02.11.2011 16:23

Прикольный микс,понравилось.Спасибо!!!!

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