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[BIOS_006] Patrick Zigon - Hobson‘s Choice EP

[BIOS_006] Patrick Zigon - Hobson‘s Choice EP

Label: Biotop Label
Catalog: BIOS_006
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 17.04.2013
Styles: Tech-House Techno
Total time: 26:21
Size: 64 MB

1. Patrick Zigon - Swaption
2. Patrick Zigon - Vita's Wood
3. Patrick Zigon - Nooning

Source's preview
The Biotop Label celebrates the spring awakening with the first solo EP of Patrick Zigon.

After the release of his album „The Alpha State“ and numerous eps & remixes on labels such as Highgrade, Cocoon, Kompakt etc., the Biotop Label-head took a small re- creative release-break. Completely focused on the buildup of the Biotop Label profile, Patrick only released collaboration-EPs with Gabriel Creole & Till Kr?ger and a few remixes on his own label, with exception of “The End My Friend“ which was released in January on the Etui Records „Wintercamp“ Compilation and gained big support from the „Godfather of Techno“ Juan Atkins.

Finally he‘s back with the “Hobson‘s Choice EP“. While the last Biotop-Releases were more experimental, Patrick‘s new EP is what you can call a proper Dance-Floor 3- Tracker.

„Swaption“ is a typical Zigon track. Moody pads and Detroit style synths spread the mysterious vibes. Glitchy vocal-snippets and twisted rides completing the spooky and techy attitude of this track. It sounds like Patrick dreamed a lot about the upcoming summer-season while he produced „Vita‘s Wood“. It developes with shakin‘ percussions, dubby chords and deep filtered pads, until the break unveils the classy house- organ…and the crowd begins to smile! „Nooning“ is an extensive hypnotizing sound- journey, filled with a huge sub-bassline, broken bassdrums and melancholic synth-layers.


21.04.2013 02:35
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