Techno-Релизы    2012    January
[Zimmer-Ltd.009] Blurix - The Witch Of Grich

[Zimmer-Ltd.009] Blurix - The Witch Of Grich

Catalog: Zimmer-Ltd.009
Released: January 2012
Styles: Techno

#001 Blurix – The Witch of Grich (06:51)
#002 Blurix – The Witch of Grich – Sumea Natami Remix (06:31)
#003 Blurix – The Witch of Grich – Alavux Remix (05:42)

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Once upon a time… back in the time of the fairies, kings and magic… there were four witches and they lived up on the hill called Grich. The evil witch of the West had put a spell on the old town of Grich and your task is to find her, reverse the spell and protect your team from the evil witch…


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