Techno-Релизы    2010    January
[dig035] Blurix - The Next Day EP

[dig035] Blurix - The Next Day EP

Label: Diggarama
Catalog: dig035
Format: File, MP3, EP 
Released: January 2010
Styles: Deep-Techno Experimental
Size: 54 MB

1. The Morning After (8:19)
2. The Noon After (7:11)
3. The Evening After (8:23)

Source's preview
Avantgardesque... maybe that should be the word - for new style. Combination of experimental melodies, warp-ish percussions and straight 4x4 kicks. Deep and shallow in the same time... not too deep to boring, and not too shallow to be tooltype techno. We here at Diggarama house of eclecticism like to say that boundaries are made to be broken, jumped over, run over and thrown in the air and then kicked to be out of the way.
The Next Day EP is so far over the boundaries of anything similar relased on Diggarama so far... Another high quality stuff that reaches from the rhythm machines and synths over to your brain and plays some wicked and awesome piano lines through the entire EP. Put your mind to motion... in this release it's all about the feelings.


22.09.2010 20:23

спокойная и толлько..

ваня перевертайло
26.01.2010 10:33

спакойная,позитивноя музыка)))

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