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[RAR035] Blurix - Paradise XXL EP

[RAR035] Blurix - Paradise XXL EP

Catalog: RAR035
Format: File, MP3, EP 
Released: 29.08.2009
Styles: Abstract Techno

Source's preview
We have reached a small milestone here at Random Access pusblsihing our 35th release. We couldn't celebrate in any better way than to have a great uptempo techno release from the great netlabel veteran Blurix. Blurix is founder of the netlabel Diggarama along with his partner Draco and has made it a staple amongst thousands of other netlabels. Blurix is known for his versitility releasing different styles of music on many different netabels from around the world. Paradise is described in the dictionary as a place in which existence is positive, harmonious, and timeless. This description hits the nail on the head when describing not only this release "Paradise XXL", but also the many other works of Blurix. Blurix has been down with the RAR family for a while now, but has finally got around to releasing his debut EP on RaR.


10.11.2009 20:44


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