Techno-Релизы    2015    February
[BC35] Substak - Beatless

[BC35] Substak - Beatless

Label: Recycled Plastics
Catalog: BC35
Released: February 2015
Styles: Electronic Dub Techno Ambient

1. I 06:00
2. II 05:25
3. III 05:20
4. IV 07:48
5. V 06:33
6. VI 05:17

Source's preview
Substak's Beatless comes at a perfect time seasonally, with the current weather here consisting of cold days, showers and leafless trees. Beatless is an exercise in depth and dimension, showcasing Substak's talents for crafting alien sonics and ominous atmospherics. While Beatless is devoid of a kick drum, it is not entirely arrhythmic. There are occasional bits of hi hat, or the noticeable angles of a looped sequence, or even an oscillating pattern that pulses in time. In this way, it almost sounds as if Substak is at odds with his music, and rather than creating it wholesale, he is actually conjuring up elemental forces and doing his best to rein them in. What we're left with is all cold - cold sheets of droning fog that hint at icy dub-inspired chord structures buried beneath them, cold track titles that separate any artistic intent from the sound you hear and replace it with a simple number. Cold silence before, between and after tracks, itself a black nameless void that Substak lures his sounds out of before marking them as his own and exiling them back to wherever they came from. This, along with the Monophon album by Mon0, is the deepest Recycled Plastics has dared to dive in the Bedroom Compost series so far. There's enough exploration here for you to stay in bed for a week.

The limited edition CD-R includes a special 17 minute Coppice Halifax remix as a bonus track.

W/P by Kostas Staikos. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. This is Recycled Plastics number BC35, and 35th in the ongoing Bedroom Compost catalog set.


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