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[adpt017] Substak - Modal
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[adpt017] Substak - Modal

Label: Adeptlabel
Catalog: adpt017
Format: MP3 320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 14.04.2014
Styles: Techno
Total time: 16:05

1. Substak - Modal A
2. Substak - Modal B
3. Substak - Modal After Tarmac Remix

Source's preview
Modal. What does it mean? Modal could be Jazz, but there’s also a Modal Logic, and there are Modal Verbs of course. But listening to the new release by Substak for Adeptlabel I actually think in Modal Fabric. Modal is an artificial fiber. It is true that we tend to identify the artificial as something unnatural, false, but “artificial” form Latin artificiālis, which means hand-made or man-made. Art is artificial. Modal is artificial. It’s usual to think that by means of textile fibers we could produce textile fabrics. But truth is that we could manufacture non-woven fabric. The key is how to weave the fiber. In textiles, fiber are weaved, sewed, tied; in non-woven fabric, fibers are related by means of friction, cohesion, adhesion, etc… Modal fiber can be used to form part of woven or non-woven materials. Something similar happens with sounds. They can produce music or non-music in their mixing process. There’re rhythms and melodies in “Modal” obviously but what it’s crucially important is how the sonic fibers are fused together until reaching the bottom line. So Modal is a non-woven musical fabric. It is a sound sheet of porous and absorbent rhythms stuck on with elastic melodies. That is the reason why Modal is highly accurate sonic fibers.


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