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[phokes106] Drehton - Plus

[phokes106] Drehton - Plus

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phokes106
Released: 31.08.2014
Styles: Electronic IDM
Size: 143 MB

Gestöber rmx (6:20)
Betwo (5:10)
Schaphgeblök (4:03)
Rhodeaskop (3:34)
aka (3:56)
Firmamente rmx (4:55)
Zirkulat (6:14)
xt1-01 (5:43)
Worried (6:33)
Mittwoch rmx (5:25)
Zepter rmx (3:41)

Source's preview
Stirring up the water glass of frozen habits,
enigmatic butterflies in billowing loops,
pressing the buttons of surprise.

Very colorful and with fast pace tunes Drehton is back with his close to latest and some reworked tracks in hi tempo electronica synth beat adventure, in the format of a full length melodic n flowing album. Plus for you.

All music, composed and mixed by Drehton. Mastering of some tracks, artwork, text, orga an

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