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[phoke90] Drehton - Sukzessive

[phoke90] Drehton - Sukzessive

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phoke90
Released: 23.04.2013
Styles: Acoustic Electronic IDM
Size: 112 MB

offdoppel (3:14)
-reason-a (4:38)
donloe (2:51)
phillkeule (2:46)
sd1 (2:59)
zeitzeugen (4:03)
letdemova (3:08)
peltse (3:06)
r?gen (4:03)
outdoor-rmx (4:04)
volfruus (3:38)
volley (3:34)
marnav (2:55)

Source's preview
Up down high low, down down, hi hi hi, gradually, successively, step by step. Change!

Signals from Dresden's IDM underground. Drehton was rocking his bass and midi guitar to bring a full length album for your spring time enjoyness with this blend of finest Indietronica IDM.

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