Techno-Релизы    2014    August
Textural Being - The Sixth Gap

Textural Being - The Sixth Gap

Label: Recycled Plastics
Released: August 2014
Styles: Dub Minimal Techno

1ю Intro 04:49
2ю The Sixth Gap 07:07
3ю The Sixth Gap [Reshape #1] 06:57
4ю The Sixth Gap [Reshape #2] 08:27
5ю The Sixth Gap, Pt. 2 06:09
6ю The Sixth Gap [Axs Sixth Column Mix] 06:34
7ю The Sixth Gap [Ohrwert Reduct] 05:47
8ю The Sixth Gap [Yan Olsen Remix] 07:29
9ю The Sixth Gap [Coppice Halifax Opioid Cmx] 11:26
10ю The Sixth Gap [Reshape #3] 09:47

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Textural Being is a name that many of you should know by now, if you've been keeping up with who's who in the current dub techno scene. Having released several fantastic works on labels such as Cold Tear, Deep In Dub, Energostatic, ZeECc, Auditory Cortex and Cold Fiction, among others, Mr. Being is now moving on from the moniker, transitioning over to a new project simply called aspect. Thus, The Sixth Gap is (in our humble opinion) not only one of his best excursions to date, but also one hell of an album to close the book on the Textural Being name.

The music is deep, moody and evocative of its namesake with swirling soft textures in spades. Groovy bass drums anchor the rhythm in a fog of floaty chords, their constant thumping a ghost of some long-forgotten deep house memory. What Textural Being evokes so well here is an air of familiarity while simultaneously sounding fresh and interesting. In a genre that is no doubt overflowing with homogeneity and monochrome, The Sixth Gap offers a vibrant atmosphere of just what good dub techno could and should be. Backed by a stellar remix cast of Axs, Ohrwert, Yan Olsen and Coppice Halifax, and limited to just 50 CD-Rs!

W/P by Textural Being, except #6 written by Textural Being / produced by Axs, #7 written by Textural Being / produced by Arjen Schat, #8 written by Textural Being / produced by Yan Olsen, #9 written by Textural Being / produced by Coppice Halifax. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. This is Recycled Plastics number BC30, and 30th in the Bedroom Compost series.


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