Techno-Релизы    2012    June
Textural Being - isolatedmix 29

Textural Being - isolatedmix 29

Label: astrangelyisolatedplace
Released: 30.06.2012
Styles: Ambient Dub-Techno Electronic Mix
Total time: 01:04:24
Size: 147.50 MB

01. Vangelis - Dawn
02. Scanner - Vie One
03. Federsen - Octavian
04. Stars of the Lid - A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning[Less] Process
05. Ten And Tracer - Next Sun
06. Pub - Summer [Arovane AMX 1]
07. Chris Clark - Oaklands
08. Yagya - Snowflake 9
09. Quantec - Triptychon Ver. I
10. Kiln - Stare
11. Strategy - Stops Spinning
12. Chris Clark - The Sun Too Slow
13. Ametsub - Repeatedly
14. Boards of Canada - In the Annexe
15. Taho - The River Of Grace

Source's preview
It’s safe to say that Textural Being‘s recent productions have reaffirmed and reignited my love for dub-techno. It’s the kind of genre that needs attention, yet once emerged, I often find it more calming to listen to than the deepest ambient music. Repetition and restatement in music is often cited to be critical and dub-techno is at times the epitome of this approach. Some, get bored-stiff of a distant thud, but Sage Taylor’s approach is anything but.

If I had to pick an example, it would be Sage’s latest EP ‘En Ce Moment’ on the always brilliant Energostatic (Marc Atmost’s label) and in particular, ‘Sept’ taken from this album. Shimmering and soft, with subtle tonal bass changes. This is the type of music that sends you drifting. It’s window-watching, perfect for reflection and observation, conjuring pictures of past, what might be, or just appreciating the beauty of what’s sat directly infront of you.

Sage has similar thoughts when listening to some of his favourite music, and for isolatedmix 29, each track has been meticulously selected based on the image it created. A mixture of ambient, dub-techno and electronica, the inspirations are vivid and yearn for deeper introspection. So, the journey’s there for you to take, or the options there for you to create something completely new…


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