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[sfp18] Outra-G - Seiren

[sfp18] Outra-G - Seiren

Label: Soft Phase
Catalog: sfp18
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 21.01.2013
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Size: 68 MB

01. Fair
02. Glided Endlessly
03. No Breath”
04. Seiren
05. Your Smile
06. Through Clouds
07. Daydream
08. Blind
09. Always

Source's preview
“Soft Phase returns from its hiatus with another album by Spanish artist Outra-G. Seiren is a series of brief sketches; music for slowly falling through sunlit clouds. Outra-G blends hesitant, stuttering beats, reverb-drenched melodies, and breathy whispers. Like a favorite daydream, every half-remembered moment is somehow familiar — dappled light and forest shadows, summer hail, gentle breezes. Let Seiren take you on this wondrous journey.” — Joshua Saddler

Additional credits: Vocals on track 7 by Mara Zambruno.
Cover artwork by Issei Tezuca.


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