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[sfp17] Outra-G  - Light Drops EP

[sfp17] Outra-G - Light Drops EP

Label: Soft Phase
Catalog: sfp17
Format: MP3
Released: 19.02.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Soundscapes
Size: 66 MB

01. Tezuka’s Song
02. Angels With Dirty Faces
03. Frames
04. Diving Bells
05. Close To You
06. Rayleigh Scattering
07. Dandelion
08. Like The Whirlwind You Arrived In, Part II (Your Taste)

Source's preview
Spanish artist Outra-g debuts on Soft Phase with a surpassingly lovely EP. “Light Drops” is a sonic tour of re-imagined lunar landscapes. We launch with shimmering, warbling chords and subsonic, throbbing bass, our engines humming as Outra-g flies us low over blinding white deserts, all sharp-edged shadows and faint radio chatter. Crackling, hissing wet percussion accompanies us as we skim across strange new jungles, dipping down to the edge of a glittering ocean, its churning tides foaming with electrofuzz. Steady, distorted beats and blips, like far-flung light drops from distant stars, rain down, softening the edges of ancient craters, gently reshaping the moon’s face.
The album closes with a look back at Earth, a fragile jewel hanging in velvet-black space, its jumble of clouds and whirlwinds slowly spinning across the deep blue.

Joshua Saddler

Additional credits: Lyrics on track 8 by María Zambruno.


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