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[MFH004] Noun - Deep Colors EP

[MFH004] Noun - Deep Colors EP

Catalog: MFH004
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 05.05.2012
Styles: Downtempo Electronic IDM
Total time: 15:22
Size: 28.81 MB

Waves of colors
Deep Mirrors

Source's preview
Once again, (with exactly one year break), we are happy to present you our new release of Noun, that called «Deep Colors EP».

Yeah folks, over the past few years so much has continued to change, but the invariable attributes of our lives is Music. For Headphones, sure ;)

Sometimes, bright and noisy evenings in the company of your friends and girlfriends are replaced by gray melancholy and loneliness.
You are left alone, removing the masks and becoming a completely different person, unlike the one you are in friend's company. This doesn't mean that you become better or worse, just different. Who you are! And if you previously have something that held you back, but now you are absolutely free in their actions and emotions. This is - loneliness. And this is has his own paint, which Noun tried to express in these two tracks:

The first track - «Waves of colors». Quite a fast track acceleration from very light start for a heavyweight the middle of track, and next - motion by inertia. For a calm, gray, unattractive organ sounds adds stirred drumbeat. Then comes in motion synthesizers, which are beginning to sway smooth sailing of track via sharp notes. Then - waves-waves-waves. Waves of colors...

The second track is a «Deep Mirrors». Here, everything is different: length of this composition like a mirror in full human growth (and growth of the Noun - 1 m 91 cm :). The slow development of the track, all very smoothly and gradually. Until a certain time. Deep bass riffs in order connects different elements: glass bells, pads, synth-chords... it's all mixed in one light Symphony, which from the middle of the track start to dilute the little sharp synth motives and double-claps. All this is beautifully reflected in the Deep Mirrors.

In general, as always: melancholically, but in it there is charm.



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