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[MFH002] Noun - Spontaneous Music Behaviour

[MFH002] Noun - Spontaneous Music Behaviour

Catalog: MFH002
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 22.08.2010
Styles: Breakbeat Downtempo IDM
Total time: 25:12

01. Noun - Spontaneous Music Behaviour
02. Noun - Excellent
03. Noun - Monotonic suite
04. Noun - Figaro
05. Noun - Old Dirty Town

Source's preview
This is our second (and very long awaited) release of Noun on the Music For Headphones net-label entitled "Spontaneous Music Behaviour"!
And it opens up a powerful and aggressive track of the same name. This track shows the real Spontaneous behavior of music ;) Powerful drum loops, synth samples permeates their hard sound, and the main phrase with elements of glitch only underscores the mood of this release.

The next track, entitled "Exellent" though more monotonous, but nevertheless touch to the soul =) Glitch, sound cuts, vocal samples, simple melody, drums, distortion - all mixed together in this composition. Melancholic idea was completed at 100%. Indeed, Exellent.

The third track on this release is called "Monotonic suite". What a "dividing line" in this supposed "net-vinyl". A smooth transition from powerful beats, guitar distortion, stand out synth lines to lighter but no less atmospheric tracks. Punch start with the samples of the Russian group "5'nizza" + oppressive stream synthesizer, Cut off, the total tune in two notes, clearly marked simplicity in all - this is the main components of this track.

Figaro! This name does you nothing said? All right. This work was written in 1816 Gioachino Antonio Rossini for his play "The Barber of Seville". Legendary work, I'll tell you ...
In this release a very brave try of Noun to breathe into a product new colors, strength and vigor. Active use of stereo effects, panning, vocal phrases from the original play, violin + gate-effect and simple synth melody. Here it is, the new Figaro 2010!

The fifth and final work on this release is called "Old dirty town". This track is like other of this release is no different positive and joyful attitude. All that the same melancholic, and even mild depression envelops and cover this track. It is fully mixed light echoes of hip-hop phonograms, deep bass, simply whistling tune and claps. Small elements of percussion makes it clear that there is also a subtle influence of minimal techno (but, however it is minimal). Depressive, sad though and easily.


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