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[dw086] Eddie Entropy - The Earth is Thristy for Blood

[dw086] Eddie Entropy - The Earth is Thristy for Blood

Label: Dark Winter
Catalog: dw086
Released: August 2012
Styles: Ambient
Size: 36.6 MB

01 - a bid of insurrection
02 - the earth is thirsty
03 - growth opportunities (version)
04 - cut & bound to the land

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The ground raw from the blood spilled. Dreams invaded and souls shaken. Picturesque beauty amplified and modified by the echoes of screams past. Lord Ravana is dead but he is not gone. Lord Buddha as ambassador for a new way but Ravana's thirst lingers still.

"The Earth is Thirsty for Blood" features four extended remixes of the hitherto unreleased Eddie Entropy piece "Derelict". It was written and recorded in Los Angeles, CA (USA); Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates); Ulpotha Village (Sri Lanka); Doha Airport (Qatar); and in various international flights.

Thanks to Nathan Larson, Nicole from Pale Noir, Skerror and Wisanta the tour guide.

Special thanks to our lord Ravana and his minions and messengers of the Earth in the land of Sri Lanka for their influence and inspiration.

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