Techno-Релизы    2010    October
[dw073] Eddie Entropy - Blot Out the Sun With Sex

[dw073] Eddie Entropy - Blot Out the Sun With Sex

Label: Dark Winter
Catalog: dw073
Format: 10  File, MP3, 192 kbps 
Released: October 2010
Styles: Ambient
Size: 65.3 MB

01 - One More Sunrise
02 - Blot Out the Sun With Sex
03 - Horizon Line
04 - Awake the Destroyer
05 - Stag Party
06 - No Escape
07 - 3C321
08 - Afterlife
09 - Worship the Warship (Version)
10 - Your Love is Fading

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Love is no beautiful thing. Love is freezing. Love is cold. Love touch not the flesh of my hand. Love touch not the flesh of my hand. Fingernails break off, they crack. Eyelids flutter. My heartbeat slows down. I become exhausted in your presence. Your heartbeat: pounding, pounding, pounding - hit me in the head like a hammer. Blot out the sun with the sound of our sex. Blot out my life with the decline of our connection. It was a beautiful thing the way our skulls cracked into each other, shattered like porcelain. Shards of what once was break the skin of my feet. It hurts me to walk like this, it hurts me to talk like this.

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