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[psnet019] Enclave - Geysers EP

[psnet019] Enclave - Geysers EP

Catalog: psnet019
Released: 02.08.2011
Styles: Techno

01. Geysers
02. Geysers (Paul Agius’ Can’t Believe Its Not Prog Remix)
03. Swap

Source's preview
Pinksilver’s Net imprint delivers a classy netlabel release in the form of longtime associate Paul Derons aka Enclave, complete with a thumping Paul Agius remix. The 3-track EP is a brooding, moody and strictly 4/4 techno affair. The title track ‘Geysers’ explores menacing soundscapes while a disturbing and at times threatening bass drum powers ahead, whilst Paul Agius’ interpretation of ‘Geysers’ ups the ante further with an even more sinister sound palette coupled with a vicious kick. The EP is rounded off with ‘Swap’, which begins on a more introspective angle than ‘Geysers’ until it heads into more uncompromising reverberations through its journey. Straight-up underground techno. Don’t sleep on it.

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