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Pinksilver Music

Pinksilver Music

Styles: Techno, Tech-House, House
Location:   Melbourne, Australia
Date Established: 2008

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pink, n. The highest or best degree
silver, adj. Having a clear, resonant sound

Pinksilver Music is a global label of rising & established artists based in Melbourne, Australia. Pinksilver is dedicated to releasing avant-garde electronic music that can be enjoyed both at home as well as the dancefloor, music that sits within modern, off-beat house & hypnotic techno.

Pinksilver Net is our netlabel arm dedicated to releasing up & coming artists in a range of original & modern electronic genres, straddling rawer elements of house & techno. Pinksilver Net releases are free to download & share under the creative commons music sharing license. (by-nc-nd 2.0).

Pinksilver Digital is our digital-only label featuring both rising & established artists, showcasing a range of avant-garde house & hypnotic techno sounds. Pinksilver Digital releases can be purchased from online stores such as Beatport, Juno Digital & Kompakt mp3.

Pinksilver Ltd is our exclusive, limited-edition vinyl label that features the more seedy elements of deeper tech sounds. Little is known about Pinksilver Ltd but you may come across a copy or two at Juno Records & DMC Records.

The team driving Pinksilver are Melbourne natives Daniel Filipovic, Mark Baumann, Lance Harrison & Sydneysider Renae Treak.

Релизы Pinksilver Music
Pinksilver Music's releases

Harbour City EP
Deep-Techno Dub Compilation  
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Geysers EP
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Beyond Galileo
Techno Podcast  
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Cinema For The Dead [ Volume 1 ]
Electronic House  
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Pinksilver Podcast 19
Dub House Minimal ... Podcast  
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Zyon Atmosphere EP
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Pinksilver Podcast 18
Electronic House Tech-House ... Podcast  
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Live @ Pinksilver Label Night, My Aeon 31-07-2009
House Tech-House Podcast  
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Different Shades Of Grey [ Part II ]
June 2010
Dub-Techno House Tech-House ... Podcast  
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Different Shades Of Grey [ Part I ]
June 2010
House Tech-House Podcast  
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