Techno-Релизы    2011    November
[blpsq015] Ingemar Stalholm - About a Year EP

[blpsq015] Ingemar Stalholm - About a Year EP

Catalog: blpsq015
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 01.11.2011
Styles: Electronic Minimal Techno
Size: 140.6 MB

Pantheon [nobody needs to know]
Javelin [traverse the universe]
Acedia [100 years of waiting]
Javelin [traverse the universe] (The Automatic Message Remix)
Javelin [traverse the universe] (Revy Remix)
Pantheon [nobody needs to know] (Sven Laux Remix)

Source's preview
This has brewing on our hard drives for nearly a year, a release not afraid to take its time to unravel and meander its way through narrative soundscapes and mystical emotions. Nothing and everything is explored here, reanalyzed by a team of remixing time travelers, and further broken down into a provocative digital storybook, "Around 0."


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