Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[Arch076] Ingemar Stalholm  - Mental Garden Still Life

[Arch076] Ingemar Stalholm - Mental Garden Still Life

Label: Archipel
Catalog: Arch076
Format: 9  File, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 18.11.2010
Styles: Minimal Tech-House

1. Adapt
2. King's Caf
3. Eschatology
4. Stupidity Takes A Break
5. A Night At The Airport
6. 9%
7. Gordian Pop
8. Koan
9. My Mental Garden

Source's preview
We're very pleased to welcome Sweden's Ingemar Stalholm to Archipel with his debut album "Still Life" which is a darkly warmed holographic portrait lit with aurora dangling at the edges of silken high atmosphere clouds. The album is a mainly 4/4 driven affair although there are pieces which drift into the abstract realm such as '9%' and 'King's Calf' where flakes of glowing ashes spiral about in spherical night breezes, delicate melodies being spun off of the cusp of swaying rhythms. There are lighter slabs of 4/4 such as 'Koan' and 'Gordian Pop' which provoke an immediate state of perfect twilight hypnosis spent watching the fading daylight cast gordian knots onto the wall through the branches of dark trees. 'Eschatology' and 'Mental Garden' traverse ultra deep territories where eyes slide shut and intricate phosphenes begin to take over one's field of vision in a state of half-sleep dreaming. 'Anata', 'Adapt' and 'Stupidity Takes A Break' cover the grounds of very early dawn as the blanket of night is lifted and subtle clouded trails emerge in the hazy blue-green glow of another one of Earth's revolutions and the dew begins to drip down the brows of still sleeping forests.


22.11.2010 11:17


20.11.2010 18:07

Это платный релиз...

20.11.2010 16:55

А как скачать?

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