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[audcst052] Mystified  - Shards Of Bone

[audcst052] Mystified - Shards Of Bone

Catalog: audcst052
Format: 320kb/s MP3
Released: 31.05.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic

01 – Bone Chopper 1
02 - BoneFract 1
03 - Mermaids In New York
04 - BoneFract 2
05 - Bone Chopper 2
06 - BoneFract 3
07 - Chromatic Maudlin Trombone
08 - BoneFract 4
09 - BoneGen

Source's preview
Mystified has released a few projects using sounds from his trombone as a source of drones. In the case of “Shards Of Bone”, special attention has been paid to mechanization. “Shards Of Bone” is all about how digital processes change acoustic sounds. In most cases, trombone sounds are processed, often using randomized settings, to change filters, granulation, effects, and so forth. 2 pieces involve a radical effect known as a “chopper”, which breaks the trombone drones into short pieces. 4 tracks were mixed fractally, untouched by Thomas’ hands and ears until after they were written, when he carefully mastered them. The last track was created by writing 10 short phrases, then allowing them to play randomly, while recording the unfolding generated progressions. Almost all of the sounds in “Shards Of Bone” are from the trombone, other than a few in the notably club-beat-themed “Chromatic Maudlin Trombone”. Thomas hopes you will agree with him that digital processing and composing techniques can indeed enhance acoustic sources.

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