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[mixg020] PiXtar  - Lost in Space

[mixg020] PiXtar - Lost in Space

Catalog: mixg020
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 01.05.2011
Styles: Electronic IDM
Total time: 39:08
Size: 73.38 MB

1. PiXtar – Hyper Space
2. PiXtar – Unknown Sector
3. PiXtar – Photon Belt (Original Mix)
4. PiXtar – Supernova Birth
5. PiXtar – Milky Way
6. PiXtar – Lost in Space
7. PiXtar – Beginning of Endlessness

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Imagine that on your endless flight through vast outer space engine power went down and you’ve lost any connection with your home planet.

Imagine you lost everything you have, everything you love, everything you own. There is no home, no family, no friends anymore. No goals, no plans, no career.

Just you and infinite space. The only thing that you have so far is your life experience which isn’t so useful anymore and memories that could help you not to loose your mind.

What would you do? How are you going to survive? Is there any hope?

Those are the questions PiXtar tries to answer in his third album. Techno-ambient atmosphere with a light shade of industrial new age and lounge and recognizable top notch multi-layered PiXtar’s arrangements can help you experience feelings of a man that is lost in space.


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