Techno-Релизы    2010    March
[MIXG007] PiXtar - Moon 5

[MIXG007] PiXtar - Moon 5

Catalog: MIXG007
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 06.03.2010
Styles: Experimental IDM
Total time: 35:17
Size: 66.16 MB

1. PiXtar – Solar Wind
2. PiXtar – Jupiter Rising
3. PiXtar – Moon 5
4. PiXtar – Twilight Area
5. PiXtar – Back of the Moon

Source's preview
For your listening pleasure we release this mini album from PiXtaR. He started to take an interest in experimental music in 1997 and developed as a musician under the influence of such music collectives as Future Sound of London, Orb and Yello. Compositions from this release have diffirent moods and are full of details and traits forming altogether a very interesting sound. You’re invited to hear a story consists of well thought-out rhythm section proper synth work and dynamics travels. This entire audio picture rivets listener’s attention and makes him want to take a closer look into this new sound environment. Diversity of the substance is accompanied by accuracy in form which testifies for a great number of creative ideas in author’s mind, well implemented as music pieces. The release is a must hear for all IDM connoisseurs.

30.03.2010 14:01

Ё п р с т! %)


коничуа!!! круу!


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