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[Sadayatana 010] Tale of The Lost Boat

[Sadayatana 010] Tale of The Lost Boat

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 010
Format: MP3, 139 Kbps
Released: January 2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Soundscapes Podcast
Size:  175.9 MB

00:00 mayfairgrin - Litany
03:24 mayfairgrin - Sleep for Now
10:43 Djet - Circulation2_v
10:43 Sadayatana - Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not
12:55 Ambient Fabric - Black Star
17:58 Nagual Art - Vision II - The Hall
25:31 Astral Light - Earth
33:26 Astral Light - Air
40:10 Juanjo Palacios - Contenedor
47:14 Black Winds - Dark Serenity
60:31 Black Winds - Hypothermia
62:40 Circle of Pines - Zerfrorenes Glas
69:50 Dodeccaheedron - Second Song From The Vice Versa World
75:24 Master Toad - Plead into the Darkness
78:36 Master Toad - La mort de mon ami (Extended Version)
79:46 Master Toad - Beyond the Thicket, It Waits
82:35 Altocumulus - Bag it
84:44 Epsilon Eridani - Masters Of Horror
93:23 Magnetic Wind - L'enfant fille (Baby Girl)
99:42 Nagual Art - Bedroom Visitors
107:22 Epsilon Eridani - Unknown Message Received From A Distant Universe
113:49 Sadayatana - Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not
118:46 Pavonine - Bon sang ne saurait mentir
126:37 Magnetic Wind - The World Below
131:52 Juanjo Palacios - Rozamiento
141:31 Specta Ciera - With Birds
145:36 Specta Ciera - Accumulation Section
153:07 Sadayatana - Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not
155:34 Cuatrojos - Cold Dylan Matter
161:18 Mentalny Kolaps - Under This Cold And Distant Sun / A Whisper
166:37 Xerxes - Dim times
171:01 LN 313 - Satanicjour (R 0.97)
175:56 Sadayatana - Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not

Source's preview
Couple cool tracks from the new Mayfairgrin release "This Delicate Confusion" on Webbed Hand Records. The rest of it is like a wacky electronica thing (wacky good!) The drumming on that "Sleep For Now" track reminds me of Peter Gabriel's "Last Temptation of Christ" soundtrack.

The rest is as you see below... except I got to play another unreleased track from Magnetic Wind's upcoming release "La Petite Morte": "L'enfant fille (Baby Girl)". Very cool. The intro reminds me of Nino Rota's soundtrack to the Fellini film "Cassanova" (one of my favorites...)

Cover: Cover: Mud Volcano Emerges from the Arabian Sea


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