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[wh151] Mayfairgrin  - This Delicate Confusion

[wh151] Mayfairgrin - This Delicate Confusion

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh151
Format: 11  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 09.01.2011
Styles: Ambient Downtempo Drone Electronic IDM Soundscapes

01 litany [03:33]
02 sleep for now [07:21]
03 delicate [08:20]
04 delicate refrain [03:12]
05 the black mountain (feat jules from pinklogik) [08:00]
06 sagrada [07:45]
07 llona moriana [08:08]
08 asterix rmx (with pinklogik) [06:50]
09 kirlian sunshine (part one) [07:37]
10 kirlian sunshine (part two) [05:28]
11 kirlian sunshine (part three) [07:45]

Source's preview
mayfairgrin’s “This Delicate Confusion” is a well-crafted collection of dark, rhythmic electronica.

“Originally ‘This Delicate Confusion’ was scheduled to be released on CD in late ‘06, but -unfortunately- was overshadowed by the completion and release of ‘Memoirs From The Deep End’. TDC represents a stylistic metamorphasis from the industrial-inspired electronica compositions found on ‘Excursions On A Hovercraft’ to the darker, more refined, and synth-driven ambient IDM as heard on ‘Memoirs’. Tracks like “delicate” and “kirlian sunshine” highlight some deeper and more complex compositions on the record showcasing a more progressive direction. The record as a whole is a cross-section of mayfairgrin’s interpretations of various music genres… obscure or otherwise.” — A. Latham

andrew latham | synth/programming, guitar, composition
billy lamont | spoken word (“kirlian sunshine”)
hannah boone | photo/design
t. nathan roan | trombone (“kirlian sunshine”)
amy jording | additional synth/programming (“kirlian sunshine”)
julie straw | spoken word (“black mountain machine”)


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