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[Sadayatana 009] Black Heart With Filigree

[Sadayatana 009] Black Heart With Filigree

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 009
Format: MP3, 143 Kbps
Released: 15.01.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Soundscapes Podcast
Size:  185.7 MB

* Flores Funebres: Depressive Personality Disorder
* Host Speaks
* Shane Morris: A Walk On The Dark Side Live
* Deprivation Chamber: Injection
* Turmoil: Apparition In The Woods
* Deprivation Chamber: The Beauty in Numbers (Broken Machine Mix)
* Upheaval: Lords of Xibalba
* Magnetic Wind: Haunted
* Deprivation Chamber: Crossing the Line
* Rose Red: Mr. Black
* Deprivation Chamber: The Beauty in Numbers (Outnumbered Mix)
* Light Implant: Half Apocalypse
* Host Speaks
* Dan Minoza: Coda from New Year's Eve Live on 2011 2:06
* Elías Moreno: Oxidized Beauty
* Elías Moreno: Decadence Is Hidden In A Room
* Nubiferous: Lakkolith Of Isolation
* Magnetic Wind: La Mort Vient (Death Comes)
* Rose Red: Murmet
* Host Speaks
* CrepusculaR: Calamidades Y Pavor Nocturno
* Deprivation Chamber: Crossing the Line (Shattered Line Remix by Sakurus)
* Turmoil: The World Is A Toilet
* Phillip Wilkerson: stardrone (bonus track)
* Magnetic Wind: Searching
* Michael Meara: Fire Upon The Crooked Cross
* Inner Struggle: The Eternal Loneliness
* Deprivation Chamber: The Beauty in Numbers (Lost in Numbers mix by DJ Ice Doll)
* Red Fog: The Silicon Hawk Is Watching

Source's preview
Played the entire Deprivation Chamber release from bfwrecordings netlabel, albeit mixed in with the rest of the show. Really nice dark release.
Also a couple tracks from the new release from Elías Moreno. I took the liberty of mixing (briefly) some H.P. Lovecraft over the top of one track. Since we had been talking about Lovecraft earlier in the chatroom --and Elías Moreno was kind enough to release his music CC share-a-like. Very nice.
Special thanks to Shane Morris, Dan Minoza and Jessica Waters/Magnetic Wind for allowing me to play their music and include it in my podcast. Great stuff.

Cover: Montreal at Night


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