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[lofty e03] Elías Merino - Throes

[lofty e03] Elías Merino - Throes

Label: Escala
Catalog: lofty e03
Format: MP3
Released: January 2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental
Size:  68.3 MB

1. Decadence Is Hidden In A Room
2. Oxidized Beauty
3. Fields Of Flesh
4. Bloodsleep
5. Villa Diodati
6. Epilogue

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“Throes” is the first solo Elías Merino’s album, whose activity has been developed in parallel in different projects related to sound-art (Nuhg, Kid Fun Area, etc.). Originally recorded in 2009 and now edited by escala, this work represents a particular journey through Romanticism from s.XVIII, particularly in the gloomy feeling of its literature and its subsequent decline. Basing their productions in field recordings, the foley art, electroacoustic and digital manipulation of sound analog, Elías Merino get to immerse us in deep and exciting experiences of isolation and escape in a listening intensely evocative


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