Techno-Релизы    2010    March
[RTSW13] Neonicle  - Synthetic Voodoo Night

[RTSW13] Neonicle - Synthetic Voodoo Night

Catalog: RTSW13
Format: 13  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 03.03.2010
Styles: Techno

1. Neonicle - I Dream [6:20]
2. Neonicle - Keep It Open [4:10]
3. Neonicle - Springtime [4:20]
4. Neonicle - UFOs Gonna Steal You [6:14]
5. Neonicle - 5th Element [3:35]
6. Neonicle - HZ [5:53]
7. Neonicle - Alcoholic [5:20]
8. Neonicle - Control Arch [4:10]
9. Neonicle - Sonic Crystals [4:40]
10. Neonicle - Cosmic Lowrider [7:00]
11. Neonicle - Arabian Robots Like... [5:40]
12. Neonicle - Horror Shit [3:35]
13. Neonicle - Overlove [6:30]

Source's preview
Long-awaited debut album of Neonicle is finally out. It's our 13th release, we don't take any omens serious, but it looked like something was against this release from the very beginning. Well, actually, the flash drive with WAVs was accidentally lost, and then the originals of artwork dissapeared. Oh, never mind, we finally geathered everything, and the album is online now! Neonicle is the young guy from St. Petersburg. Some facts about the author - he was expelled from the musical school because of misbehaviour, he also worked in a Nuclear Physics Institute on a reactor site, he likes mushroom grog and he is a very amusing person.

The Album opens with 'I Dream' - gentle and psychedelic track that somehow tells you that this is going to be a special ride - an incredibly brilliant piece in 13 parts. All the tracks are different but you can feel the author's signature all the way the music goes on. His very own style is melodic, melancholic, mystic, simple and robotic. 100% synthetic voodoo ceremonial music. For dancefloor fillers check 'Keep It Open', '5th Element', 'Sonic Crystals', 'Springtime', 'Cosmic Lowrider'. For perfect DJ-tools pick 'Sonic Crystals', 'Alcoholic', 'Horror Shit'. For home listening or robot lounge entertainment use 'Overlove', 'Arabian Robots Like', 'HZ'... Well, this is actually the music where words are useless, you just have to feel it... Go, Neonicle, go!

P.S.: Do you remember the first appearance of Neonicle with the track 'Serenade Of Cemeteries' on our Cold Fire compilation? So, our next release, RTSW14 is going to be a collection of remixes on that track from foreign and native artists - ranging from old school acid techno to dubstep! Very soon on Russian-Techno.Com, never miss!


24.04.2010 19:36

Очень зачётный музон, парняге респект!

19.03.2010 21:26

Сильный Релиз!!!!!!!!!

Побольше бы такого!))

13.03.2010 18:42


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