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[RTSW14] Neonicle - Serenade Of Cemeteries

[RTSW14] Neonicle - Serenade Of Cemeteries

Catalog: RTSW14
Format: 8  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 02.04.2010
Styles: Techno

1. (Nymate Association's Grizzlystep Remix) [5:57]
2. (Sascha Mueller Alien Acid Remix) [8:01]
3. (TZX Grinder Remake) [7:35]
4. (Sub Remix) [5:57]
5. (Vadz Remix) [4:55]
6. (Dessben Remix) [6:08]
7. (Paul Blackford Remix) [4:30]
8. (Weim Symptomless Remix) [4:45]

Source's preview
Next release on Russian Techno is a compilation of remixes on Neonicle's track 'Serenade Of Cemeteries' from all over the Europe. You may have already heard the original version on RTSW4 - moody, dark & melancholic electro track. We've decided to give away sample-pack to different good artists, native and foreign, and, after 9 months (it supposed to take not that much time by the way), all of the remixes were finished, mastered, and compiled. Different genres, diverse approach, ranging from atmospheric dubstep to full-on acid techno. Interesting, vivid tracks!

With this release we got new names on board, featuring: TZX Grinder from Poland, Dessben from Spain, Nymate Association from Hungary, Sascha Mueller from Germany, Paul Blackford from UK, and Weim from Russia. And, of course, native remixers: Sub (who also made the artwork) and Vadz on duty. Check out another finest release, respect the artists' work! Choose the best and make the girls scream at the party!

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