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[LatexRadio10] Mystified - Mystified Music (Artist Feature)

Label: Latex Radio
Catalog: LatexRadio10
Format: MP3 VBR
Released: June 2010
Styles: Ambient Industrial Podcast
Size: 53 MB

01. 3AM Caller from Eldritch Steps
02. Animating the Dead from Fertile Buzz
03. Astray from Dark Rites Of Mesmer
04. Clockwork Ends from Fertile Buzz
05. Not Knowing Where from Primal Mystification
06. Outside Mexico City from Dark Rites Of Mesmer
07. Quaking Steps from Engine Room Glow
08. Sparse Buzz from Engine Room Glow
09. Totally Cosmic (Edit) from Minimal Trances For The Pure Of Heart
10. Vertical Motion from Maschinenfugen

Source's preview
Mystified, aka Thomas Park, has been called Industrial/Ambient and lays down a unique blend of ambient textures, electronic rhythms, and industrial structures to create a signature style of electronica that is not easily catagorized. As a Latex Records artist, Thomas can also be found on several other independent record labels and on free download sites online. His music continues to expand and advance both in catalogue size and structure. As a prolific artist he is always putting out something new and and expanding his art!


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