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[P36-040] Nonima & theAudiologist  - Ceremony After Amputation [Deluxe Edition]

[P36-040] Nonima & theAudiologist - Ceremony After Amputation [Deluxe Edition]

Catalog: P36-040
Released: 15.02.2010
Styles: Ambient Glitch IDM
Total time: 01:47:37
Size: 142 MB

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When we recorded the compositions for the 'Ceremony After Amputation' album we had a few tracks left over.
One of these was recently released ('We The Damaged') on the [S27-027] Sectioned compilation on Section 27 Netlabel, so we felt it was time to finally polish these tracks up and get them out for people to hear and the result is the "Fragile Shards" mini LP.

"Fragile Shards" is not meant as a single release, but more as an accompaniment to the "Ceremony After Amputation" album, so that is the intention for this Deluxe Edition. For you to hear the album as it was meant to be and all the ideas that were behind it.
The full 'Ceremony After Amputation' album has also been cleaned up sound-wise to the best we possibly could, the only master copies were live recordings so there were never others.

This will also be our final release as 'Nonima & theAudiologist', we are dropping this combined alias and moving onto another more 'unified' project. We are sure you will find us... Thank you for all your support.


14.04.2010 21:25

Думаю, стоит взять в коллекцию. Глитч разбавленный Эмбиентом в удачной пропорции, звучит необычно...

21.02.2010 22:40

Достойная внимания вещица...как и все на Pavillon36 Recordings

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