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[S27-026] Nonima & theAudiologist - Almost Tomorrow

[S27-026] Nonima & theAudiologist - Almost Tomorrow

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-026
Format: 320Kbps MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: 01.11.2009
Styles: Ambient Downtempo Glitch IDM
Size: 155.5 MB

01 - Thoughtograph [2:48]
02 - Distant Laughter [7:25]
03 - Synthetic Fragments [6:51]
04 - Morphic Resonance [1:48]
05 - The Colour of Rain [8:39]
06 - Morphic Signals [8:12]
07 - Where This Train of Thought Terminates [2:30]
08 - Com-Intercept [2:57]
09 - They Can't See Us Anymore [5:50]
10 - Ganzfeld [7:55]
11 - Clearing The Eye [2:58]
12 - Battlehymn : Requiem [6:33]
13 - Solitude By Night [5:15]
14 - Almost Tomorrow [6:03]

Source's preview
Almost Tomorrow is the third full length collaboration album from Section 27 Netlabel founders Tam Ferrans and Andrew Paterson, under their Nonima & theAudiologist guise. This time around the sound is more melodic, and has a definite feeling of a complete and more mature sound than heard on the previous LP’s “Dystopian Battle Hymns” and “Ceremony After Amputation“. If you are familiar with their individual projects you may even be in for a slight surprise, as the tracks are not as beat driven like before, but are more atmospheric and sound, well… “bigger”. In its 75 minutes, Almost Tomorrow takes you on a trip from the digital rain-soaked cavernous scraping in “Thoughtograph”, the ethereal beat jittering of “The Colour of Rain”, intercepted transmissions from unknown places in “Com-Intercept”, “Ganzfeld”s huge yet strangely insect-like beats until everything you knew comes crashing around you in “Almost Tomorrow”. Burning pianos, melancholic glitched out soundscapes and intricately programmed beatplay, this may well be their best work to date. Consider it the soundtrack to a rainy overcast day, but with just that glimmer of sunshine peeking from the clouds. “Almost Tomorrow” wears its heart on its sleeve.


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