Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[Noisybeat026] Bist - Points of view ep (Bist & Domino)

[Noisybeat026] Bist - Points of view ep (Bist & Domino)

Label: Noisybeat
Catalog: Noisybeat026
Format: VBR MP3
Released: December 2010
Styles: Deep-House Tech-House Techno

1. A clown woth the trumpet
2. The sleep of reason
3. The sleep of reason (laze version)
4. White light

Source's preview
From collaboration between Domino and Bist born “points of view“, an EP with four tracks. It opens with “a clown with the trumpet“, typically in house-music style characterized by a set of sounds warm and festive. The swing sounds and jazz influences in electronic key are evident with synthesized piano, string guitar, trumpet and vocals. The groove has a rhythm that range between the hypnotic and melodic, full deep bass case complete the work. Follows “the sleep of reason“ track already anticipated in the previous release of Noisybeat called “Deeper shades vol.1“. Here also proposed a new version, which has not lost the scratchy groove with deeps sounds and nu-jazz. The last track is “white light“ which differs from the others by its style, especially in the rhythm, reminiscent of some early work of Detroit. The drums starts in double beat and then trasformed into 4 / 4. The sounds are deep and ambience, with dark “sonority carpets“, sounds, effects and echoes typical of the techno-dub. In this work are evident all the different styles of two artists, mixing various genres and sounds that creating something unique to present, with an eye to the past.


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