Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[Noisybeat014] Bist  - El verano EP

[Noisybeat014] Bist - El verano EP

Label: Noisybeat
Catalog: Noisybeat014
Format: VBR MP3
Released: 14.12.2009
Styles: Ambient Deep Tech-House

1. Bist - cerveza fria 6:41
2. Bist - proxima parada 5:29
3. Bist - el aqua que fluye 3:44
4. Gaudio - Pajella de marisco ?cido 7:10
5. Gaudio - johnny maracas 6:28

Source's preview
(Eng) Double EP signed by Bist and Gaudio. Born from a summer trip to Spain, a source of great inspiration. Places, situations, roads, clubs, sensations etc.. have been reported in music in 5 tracks of Ep. Dj Bist presents 3 tracks: “Cerveza Fria“, “Proxima Parada“ and “El Aqua Que Fluye“. The first 2 have a mold strictly tech-house, with the inclusion of deep-ambient sounds, the last track is very experimental but with a set of sounds, effects and modulations of atmosphere! From Gaudio we have the last 2 tracks: “Pajella de Marisco ?cida“ and “Johnny Maracas“. The first is characterized by hypnotic effects and acids sounds, in the second stand out a series of percussion breaks and cutting.


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