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[psdtl006] Massi Gee  - Tales From The Underground EP

[psdtl006] Massi Gee - Tales From The Underground EP

Catalog: psdtl006
Released: 17.04.2010
Styles: Tech-House

01 – Massi Gee - 3rd Eye
02 – Massi Gee - 3rd Eye (Eric Brandy 17 and More Remix)
03 – Massi Gee – Forgotten Worlds
04 – Massi Gee – Forgotten Worlds (Eric Brandy LBH Remix)
05 – Massi Gee – Forgotten Worlds (Felipe Venegas Remix)

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Rising Italian DJ and producer Massi Gee, member of the Gallery Crew and resident DJ at the Gallery Parties in Ancona debuts on Pinksilver Digital with ‘Tales from the Underground’ EP.

The EP is a mixture of tech-house grooves balanced by the Latin rhythms of Felipe Venegas and the Gallic arrangements of Eric Brandy on the remix duties.

The opening track “3rd Eye” showcases Massi’s rolling drum rhythms and bass sounds together with his orchestrated hooks, a sound that he is distinctly shaping as his own as evidenced by his previous release on Highgrade Digital.

Eric Brandy’s remix of 3rd Eye is a completely unique and creative take on the original. Known for his intricate drum patterns that was part of his musical education as a member of percussive groups together with Congolese drummers & dancers in Le Havre, he takes the main hook from the original and stamps his own signature on the remix.

“Forgotten Worlds” will draw you in to its grip from the moment you hear the Hells Bell, pulling you in to its hypnotic groove. Just as you try to escape, the xylophonic hook creeps in to the mix and you give in to the sound, letting the track take you over as dark tones, edgy sweeps and disturbing stabs cut and slice their way through the track.

We loved Eric’s remix of “3rd Eye” so much we called him up for an encore to remake “Forgotten Worlds”. Eric takes it to another level again with his elaborate programming and arrangement coupled with deep melodies. Multi layered drum patterns give the track an organic feel while the sub-bassline’s and subtle pads weave their way in and out creating a deep hypnotic electronic masterpiece.

Chilean son Felipe Venegas adds his own flavour to the EP with the sounds that attracted Pinksilver to release his first EP on our Netlabel imprint in 2007. Since then Felipe has gone from strength to strength with records on Immigrant and Luciano’s Cadenza label in 2009. In this remix Felipe goes back to his roots combining Latin percussion, droning vocal stabs and that ever recognisable classic Chilean minimalism.

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