Лейблы    Russian-Techno

Styles: Techno
Location:   Taganrog, Russia
Date Established: 2007

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Netlabel was started by Vadz in late 2007. It’s conception is true, unique techno music with character, coming from Russia. All RELEASES are presented in VBR MP3 and 100% FREE to download, play, surge, throw away or love forever. Rights covered by CC License and files are hosted at Internet Archive. PERSONS section include label artists, native as well as foreigners (but only in remix projects), plus you can find information about techno-DJ’s around, supporting the label, and showing their vision in regular PODCASTS. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned! We’re here to share our music with you!

Please mind, here the word ‘Techno’ stands NOT for dull minimal or epileptic schranz! It stands for no trends but unique sound and personal vision of it. It stands for real!

Релизы Russian-Techno
Russian-Techno's releases

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Experimental Techno  
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Second Strike
Techno Compilation  
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