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[RTSW3] Postapocalyps Pop - Switchoff

[RTSW3] Postapocalyps Pop - Switchoff

Catalog: RTSW3
Format: 5  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 05.04.2009
Styles: Experimental Techno

1. P.A.P. In Arms [3:20]
2. Jamie Ne Gemis Pas [4:53]
3. Moleculae [5:54]
4. Opdob [5:58]
5. Untitled (Vadz Remix) [5:00]

Source's preview
Here we go again! Experimental, raw, funky, robotic, hypnotic! St. Peterburg-based duo Postapocalyps Pop rocks your basement and moves your brain! So, what do we have here?

It's 4 tracks plus a remix from Vadz. First track, 'P.A.P. In Arms', tunes you into proper mood and guides your robot through a new boot sequence. Weapons charged! Second track, 'Jamie Ne Gemis Pas' (used to be French, right?), is a straight-forward floor-filler with metallic flavour and nasty percussion. Start moving, it's an order! Third one, 'Moleculae' - dirty, hypnotic journey through your innerself with acidic pulsations. Electrolyte leakage! Nurse, fix the stitches! 'Opdob' is a perfect soundtrack for brain defragmentation sequence. Be careful! Occasional errors may occur, data loss possible! Last track is a summary of all in a free interpretation by Vadz. Add some spice and a new recipe for your cyber-fiance is ready! Overall - 5 of 5 for every and one wonky/funky/brighton/experimetal-influenced fan. Play it or fuck it, it's all yours now ;)


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