Techno-Релизы    2015    March
[OTR099] Nemeton - Cyniver

[OTR099] Nemeton - Cyniver

Label: Otium
Catalog: OTR099
Released: 17.03.2015
Styles: Minimal Ambient Drone
Size: 301.47 MB

Nemeton - Heartwood (16:36)
Nemeton - Wodan (15:33)
Nemeton - Cyniver (14:51)
Nemeton - Fraxinus (13:29)

Source's preview
Four pieces composed of sounds derived from choral performances blended with the internal sounds made by ash trees. The pieces are based on the soundscape created for a site-specific installation, entitled 'Heartwood', which formed part of the 'Ridgeway responses' event held in the Wessex Ridgeway (Dorset, UK) during September 2014. The installation was situated under an ash near the village of Littlebredy, and featured both live and pre-recorded sounds of the tree, which were triggered by the tree's movement and changing microclimate. These were combined with performances of a suite of pieces composed by Karen Wimhurst specifically for the event, and performed by Palida choir. These pieces are designed to celebrate the cultural and ecological importance of ash trees, which are at risk of disappearing from our landscapes because of ash dieback disease.

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