Techno-Релизы    2015    March
Ocralab - Opacus

Ocralab - Opacus

Released: March 2015
Styles: Ambient Dub-Techno

1. Ocralab - Pileus (Subtune edit) 07:16
2. Ocralab - Opacus (DeepWarmth Sky Mix) 05:49
3. Ocralab - Opacus (Substak Remix) 06:30
4. Ocralab - Opacus (Discknocked Redubtion 24-44) 09:20
5. Ocralab - Opacus (Niccolo Machiavelli Reshape) 05:36
6. Ocralab - Opacus (Apobothra Reshape) 06:48
7. Ocralab - Opacus (feat. Atrio Serenade) 05:23
8. Ocralab - Opacus (DT-90 Remix) 07:36
9. Ocralab - Fractus 07:36

Source's preview
Last year Ocralab produced a track that he just in the 2nd Showcase podcast presented by Deep Electronics. It's also been released on Deep Diversity vol.1

And now there is a album dedicated to this track but only this time it has been remixed by 7 artists. Substak, Apobothra, DT-90, Deep Warmth, Atrio Serenade, Niccolo Machiavelli and Discknocked. And that's not all Ocralab has also created two new tracks for this release.

Special thanks to Ocralab for his trust and support!

Thank you: Apobothra, Deep warmth, Niccolo Machiavelli, DT-90, Substak, Atrio Serenade and Discknocked for there contribution for making this release possible!!


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