Techno-Релизы    2015    March
[GEO025] C44 - Ivana EP

[GEO025] C44 - Ivana EP

Catalog: GEO025
Released: 10.03.2015
Styles: Techno

1. C44 - Ivana (Original Mix) 05:04
2. C44 - Mailu (Original Mix) 04:35
3. C44 - Ivana [Razeed Remix] 05:30
4. C44 - Mailu (R.N.T.S. Remix) 06:02

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C44 is an alternative project developed by the madrilenian Hector Bermejo, also known as Gale Talk. His intention is to offer productions of a different —to his habitual— style; in this case focused in strictly techno sound. The difference between his musical expressions along time gave him the possibility of developing a new project based in particular parts of his experience which shared a way with him in different occasions, but far to be ones that he usually performed as Gale Talk, which are focused in deep melodic techno and other styles. That fact is the key to understand C44 as a very concrete project with very established goals.


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