Techno-Релизы    2015    March
[SRLTD007] Uncode - Waving a white flag EP

[SRLTD007] Uncode - Waving a white flag EP 

Catalog: SRLTD007
Released: 03.03.2015
Styles: Techno

1. Analog resources (Original Mix) 06:02
2. Through the field of battle (Original Mix) 01:06
3. Waving a white flag (Original Mix) 06:54

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Everything is based on the sounds that are able to get into the minds of the people, the sounds dark and deep that lead one to close your eyes and concentrate only on the music, the sounds of Uncode turn every single noise in the harmony that involves him first and then all the people in front of him. He is able to touch and hypnotize the moods of people, leaving every problem behind them. An experimental gloomy techno, dark that envelops everything and everyone.


13.12.2015 13:49
God, I feel like I sholud be takin notes! Great work
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