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[brq103] Pasture - The Future Of Past 3

[brq103] Pasture - The Future Of Past 3 

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq103
Released: 01.03.2015
Styles: Ambient Dub House Techno

Dml – Dreimühlen (Tim Susa Remix)
Dml – Nymphenburg (Tim Susa Remix)
Ece Boas – I Feel Better Now (Less – I Feel Bad Remix)
Au Fond Du Car – N Y City (The Hermit Remix Part 1
Au Fond Du Car – N Y City (The Hermit Remix Part 2

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The third volume of our Pasture-series sees a meet-up of some of our most long-standing companions, picking some of their Broque-favorites of the last years and turning them into something new and wonderful. Broque remixes Broque. What could possibly go wrong? The Hermit surprises with a post punk version of “N Y City” (Pt. 1), just to then take the original song from Au Fond Du Car entirely apart and turn it into its atomic pieces in a second version. Chris Cunningham, please turn that into a video, now! Less has picked “I Feel Better Now”, one of the hits of the last eCe Boas-Release and wraps it into a thick layer of cool 80s synth wave sound, what adds a certain something to the original. Finally, Tim Susa puts the icing on the cake and adds just the right amount of pop appeal to DMLs love declarations to Munich, that is “Nymphenburg” and “Dreimühlen”. Were the original songs still grounded deep in dub techno heaven, Tim Susa adds a pinch of Jazz-House (“Dreimühlen”) and then takes it all with the wonderfully embracing sunset melancholy on “Nymphenburg”. Everyone’s a winner here.

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