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Sebastian Albrecht - Krad Podcast 032 | Live

Sebastian Albrecht - Krad Podcast 032 | Live

Label: Krad Records
Released: January 2015
Styles: Minimal Podcast
Total time: 01:01:49
Size: 148.4 MB

00.00 Sebastian Albrecht - Coral (Original Mix) Unreleased
06.15 Sebastian Albrecht - Sauce (Original Mix) Smell Good“ EP, Park Rec.
09.50 Sebastian Albrecht - Kiss (Original Mix) Unreleased
15.35 Sebastian Albrecht - Abyss (Original Mix) Release soon on Lethal Script
21.00 Sebastian Albrecht - Zuzu (Original Mix) Neuer Ordner“ EP Lethal Script
26.00 Sebastian Albrecht - Preacher (Original Mix) Unreleased
29.30 Sebastian Albrecht - Papaya (Original Mix) Release soon on Lethal Script
34.00 Sebastian Albrecht - Yeti (Original Mix) Release soon on Lethal Script
39.40 Vadim Lankov - Get Thick (Sebastian Albrecht Remix) Get Thick“ EP, Park Rec
43.50 Sebastian Albrecht ft. Hertzman - Woodland (Original Mix) Unreleased
48.10 Sebastian Albrecht - Bondage (Original Mix) unreleased
52.30 Sebastian Albrecht - Fack (Original Mix) Unreleased
55.20 Pheek - Retrouvaille (Sebastian Albrecht Remix) No release

Source's preview
Sebastian Albrecht is a producer and live-act based in Berlin.
Growing up with Berlin young Techno scene begin 90’, Electronic Dance Music become a passion in his live and leads end 90’ to start producing some tunes.
Today he is label runner of Park Recordings, releases music on different labels like Klangscheiben, Plunk!, Park Recordings and a lot of other.
5 years of live - acting leads him to different countries in Europe and North America-
Second projects are Dalibor Szuka (with Demas), Dessous Shop (with Mazel Source) and Der Kutscher und sein Gaul (with Florist).


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