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[bsc_053] Iwa - L'wha

[bsc_053] Iwa - L'wha

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_053
Format: MP3 320 kbps, Lossless
Released: 01.01.2015
Styles: Ambient Electronic Atmospheric


Source's preview
Boulder, Colorado based producer and Dope Recordings label founder Iwa (aka Roy England) is known primarily for his alias as Royale, however he delivers a diverse array of styles under various monikers; Flacker, Broken Radio, Technomicon, The Subterraneans, Love Mafia, Ghost Pirates, and The Cryptophytes. Roy England’s Iwa alias means “thief” which originally started from field recordings, hence “stealing” found sounds from his environment. Iwa shifts away from the dancefloor and delivers an otherworldly atmospheric space. He draws inspiration from Future Sound of London and the Orb, legends Roy admired when he was young.

L'wha opens with “Diejuste,” a blending of natural sounds, breathy sparse basslines, whirling winds, and wet repetitive patters ultimately creating an ethereal soundscape. “Adjinakou” opens with spacey, alien-like ambient sounds and reverberations. Distorted distant human mumbles and cracklings gives the illusion of being far away. “Clermeil” continues the space journey incorporating more bell tones. “Limba” closes the release with a delicate, uplifting exploration involving soft percussive throbs, light floating synths and organic gurgles. Roy manages to deviate from the expected with his weird and wonderful soundscapes.


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