Techno-Релизы    2015    February
[phokes111] Liquid Frames - Circle Of Life

[phokes111] Liquid Frames - Circle Of Life

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phokes111
Released: February 2015
Styles: Electronic Field recordings IDM
Size: 87 MB

Intro (3:47)
Meadowland (5:35)
Tropical Rain (5:15)
Blue Landscape (4:09)
Undergrowth (4:41)
Sowing (7:05)
Bonus Track (Blue Landscape reversed) (3:55)

Source's preview
Another nightfall inbetween nature.
The blue hour continues.
Intertwinedness of sun and machines.

Back to Udine, Italy another member of the vibrant italian electronic scene hits your cosmopolitan bakery with goosebump vibes that enchant between nature, spirits and machines.

Let's grow with frequencies like this: world depicted through field recordings, emotional leads, relaxed beat movements, proper glitches, water, voices, singing, bells, bass, flutes, reversibility, passion, love n art.

All tracks produced by Liquid Frames. photo by Liquid Frames; Typo by Trans Alp & parmon; texts n orga by parmon; archive.orga + hosting by rh;

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