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[AE081] Hoth System - Higher Purpose EP

[AE081] Hoth System - Higher Purpose EP

Label: Audioexit
Catalog: AE081
Released: 14.02.2015
Styles: Techno Industrial

1. Dissociation 05:46
2. Paroxysm 05:07
3. Tradecraft 04:50
4. Pig Fuck 05:29

Source's preview
33 releases passed and Tony is back! Rigid Belfast sounds are coming. His impressive, rushing 4-tracker opens 2015 at Audioexit records. Comparing to his previous EP, Higher Purpose brings the same hardness as Blizzard Force, it is as mature as that one was. Now he turns slightly and captures another sight. Hoth System is Tony McMurray from Belfast, N Ireland. He started listening to techno in the mid 90s and was first inspired by the likes of Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Thomas Krome and Surgeon. He has been a bedroom DJ for over 10 years, his only appearance of significance so far being in July 2010 at Rob Hatchell’s Discipline night in Dublin, Ireland. He has been producing techno for 4 years with his sound being strongly influenced by the mid/late 1990s Downwards label. Higher Purpose is his second EP with Audioexit.


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