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[brq102] Ece Boas - Fischland

[brq102] Ece Boas - Fischland

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq102
Released: 01.02.2015
Styles: Ambient House Tech-House

Kurz Mal Eingenickt
Urlaub Auf Dem Darß
Bäume Und Schlaue Gedanken
Gibt’s Auch Krabbensalat?
Alles Steht
Goldenes Licht

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Had his first Broque EP “THKC Radio” still been dedicated to good old childhood memories of the past, eCe Boas now fully commits himself to the here and now. And for a coast dweller such as Ekkehard, the present always is connected to life at the sea. And in this specific case, to the beautiful region of the so-called Fischland on the Darß peninsula, one of the most beautiful spots along the baltic sea coastline. It’s not just the title which reminisces about the sea, but also the music itself. Produced digitally, the music is wonderfully brought to life through a large amount of field recordings, and not least, the vocals of Ekkehart himself. Rather than spending huge sums p on a big park of analogue devices, Ekkehard invests his money in fancy plug-ins. A fact which is reflected in his music through its experimental approach, leading up to tracks which – despite being made for the dancefloor – often remind of bold electronica moves for the big stages, often reminding of the likes of Moderat, what is best demonstrated by tracks like “Bäume und schlaue Gedanken” and “Gibt’s auch Krabbensalat”. eCe Boas manages to get you hooked from the first minute and to make you want to be at the sea and in the club at the very same time.

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